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: 3rd Floor, Trade Centre Melinh PLAZA, 8 km Road Thang Long, Noi Bai, Hanoi
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Mrs Nguyen Quynh Mai
Deputy General Director responsible for trade center director
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Marketing & Leasing
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Administrative Director
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Introducing Melinh PLAZA
Melinh PLAZA – a building material and interior design Complex- is the first of its kind in Vietnam. It includes a commercial centre with total floor space of 71,500m2 which is used for display and sales of building material, interior design and domestic appliances; an apartment and office building for lease with a total of approximately 15,000 sqm; a restaurant of 2,500 sqm; together with 20,000 sqm of additional warehousing space. Melinh PLAZA is specialized in displaying, introducing and trading finished building materials and luxury interior equipment of domestic and international manufacturers and vendors.

Melinh PLAZA - Building material and interior design Trade Centre- hold its official opening ceremony on 12th September 2006. 

1. Geographical location: 

- Located at Km 8,  Thang Long - Noi Bai road , it takes only 20 minutes for customers from Hanoi by their private vehicles or 30 minutes by free- of- charge  bus from no. 1 Buoi street to the Melinh PLAZA.
- Located close to the national road 18 connecting Hanoi to western and eastern provinces in the North, Melinh PLAZA serves not only the construction market in Hanoi area but also the key economic regions in the North.

2. Investment scale:
- Melinh PLAZA was invested by the T&M Vietnam Investment Join Stock Company. Melinh Plaza Commerce Center was built on an area of 67,000m2 with the total plan floor area of 71,500m2. The General Warehouse of  Melinh PLAZA is located at Quang Minh Industrial Zone in the land area of 60,000m2  with  the warehouse  area of 20,000 m2

3. The advantages of Melinh PLAZA for manufacturers
* Opportunities  to affirm  prestige and quality

Melinh PLAZA is built with the goal of becoming the modern and high quality commercial center of construction materials and furniture , it becomes  the convergence of most reputable manufacturers in and out the country. Therefore, the product introduction  and selling  in Melinh PLAZA is not merely the business but the opportunity of brand promotion.

* Narrowing Gap between suppliers and consumers
Melinh PLAZA is  the bridge for transactions and direct sales between producers, traders  and consumers. As a result, manufacturers can directly grasp the market demand  and receive feedbacks from customers as well as reduce the costs of unnecessary  intermediaries so that the  business efficiency can be maximized.

* Wide, long-term and stable space for lease
Melinh  PLAZA provides stable, long-term and convenient plan for domestic and foreign enterprises to display products, contributing to improve the efficiency of marketing and business.

* Supply of wide range of services
Melinh Plaza is the closed commercial complex including:
+ The completed commercial center for construction materials, equipment, furniture and household appliances 

+ Vietnam furniture zone
+ Hotels, offices and high-class apartments
+ Business center with conference rooms
+ Me Linh high-class Restaurant
+ Parking lot
+ Melinh PLAZA’s general storage house

* Opportunities of reducing advertisement cost
Thanks to the favorable factors:
+ Melinh PLAZA is located on traffic life-line connecting Hanoi to Noi Bai Airport and the national road no. 18, connecting the east and the west. With this strategic location, Melinh PLAZA not only serves Hanoi market but also  key economic areas in the north.
+ Melinh PLAZA regularly organizes trade fairs, seminars, trade promotion and advertisement supporting activities on the mass media. Also, just manufacturers conducts  the advertisement to attract consumers to the center, all of the remaining tenants will benefit

4 • Benefits for consumers

* Convenient shopping centers
Coming to  Melinh PLAZA, you can buy all your needed construction materials , high-class furniture and household utensils needed for your house without any effort to search for and select in  scattered stores in different places in the city today.

* Assured goods quality
PLAZA Melinh gathered most of the genuine manufacturers and traders to display and do business along with the strict regulation supervision on product quality, origin, expiry date  to completely eliminate the risk of counterfeited goods and low- quality goods  in Melinh PLAZA. This is a significant contributing factor in protecting the benefits of both producers and consumers.

* Competitive price
At Melinh PLAZA, goods is gathered and displayed scientifically on each area, prices are updated and listed regularly creating a healthy competitive environment. This makes the consumers feel more convenient when shopping at Melinh PLAZA.

* Product selection opportunity
At Melinh PLAZA, the pavilion was designed and decorated in an scientific and aesthetic way in a wide space, which can simulate the actual usage so that consumers have the opportunity to find out more and consider more exactly  before buying. This is quite important to the customers being architects, building contractors in representing their design ideas to  investors.

Also, for the household with no knowledge  on architecture and construction, they can choose exactly the proper products with their  need thanks to extensive exhibition space and attached consulting services,

* Access to the goods which have never been to Vietnam
PLAZA Melinh attracts genuine foreign producers to display and introduce  new products which have not been popular in the Vietnam market. Therefore, consumers always have the opportunity to access, deal directly to order the latest items that can not be at any construction material business places.