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Jubilantly shopping on golden days at Melinh PLAZA
For two golden days for going shopping at Melinh PLAZA, many customers bought furniture, household appliances with the cost of nearly half the listed price through the auction program.

Starting the golden day, the atmosphere at Melinh PLAZA became animating because visitors joining the bustling shopping.  On 13/11, Melinh PLAZA was a big selling point, it still attracted the bigger number of shop-goers on 14/11, at 10:30 am there were nearly 10,000 visitors. At noon, the large parking space of 10.000 m2 became overwhelming and the manager board of the Trade center had to mobilize additional parking at the entrance of the tower Melinh, all counters always operated in the maximum capacity. These products which were bought in large quantity included furniture, household appliances, electronic goods and so on.

Surprisingly, the customer not only came from Hanoi but also many other provinces such as Bac Ninh, Vinh Phuc, Thai Nguyen, etc. Many families took this opportunity to buy many items from furniture, household appliances and even food.

Mr. Pham Minh Hoa, from Bac Ninh province eagerly said "There are a lot of golden selling points, but we choose Melinh PLAZA first because this place has a lot of items of good quality, it does not take time to choose goods in many places and especially I do not encounter traffic jams like in the city. Early morning, 5 brothers of us drove from Bac Ninh up here to  go shopping. Now I've bought things I need, worth more than 200 million dong but because  we want to participate in the auctions at 11:00 so we are still waiting. I hope I'll be lucky to purchase the good in the auction today.”

Auction program of products with prices starting at 100,000 d at Melinh Plaza attracted the participation of large number of customers. The auction area was extremely animated. Many customers bought the product with the cost of only about 40% of listed price. "Victory is a great thing and unexpected to me, the price of the purchased product is much cheaper than the listed price. This program is very attractive, perhaps I will continue to participate in the auction program on Saturday and Sunday at Melinh PLAZA next week,” said Nam from Tuong Mai, Ha Noi - who won the price of two products.

At 3 auctions on 13th and 14th of November, there were 30 winners of valued products, for example, Mr. Lam Van Tong and Mr. Lam Van Khoat from Hop Chau, Tam Dao, Vinh Phuc won Malaysian mattress wooden sofa at 13.000.000d (listed price was 21.902.000d) and glass dining table at 8.621.000d (listed price was 11.257.000d); Mr. Nguyen Van Chuc from Agriculture Development Service JSC won leather sofa at 13.000.000d (listed price was 19.782.000d); Mr. Nam at No. 9, Lane 216, Tuong Mai, Hanoi won dining sets at 16.000.000d (listed price was 23.230.000d) and Sofa at 14.000.000d (listed price was 16.243.000d); Ms Huong in Phuong Mai won the Malaysian bedroom at 16.800.000d (listed price was 35.520.000d)

With the theme of kitchen and bathroom, at 16h00 on 20th and 21th of November at Melinh PLAZA,  there will be a lot of products auctioned from 100,000 d/product such as wooden dining table with listed price of 12,022,000 d, Toshiba Washing-machine with listed price of 4.110.000d, GOLDSUN gas stoves with listed price of 850.000d, Inox Gazaco mirror pot set with listed price of 8.561.000d and many other products.
Unlike the promotion month in 2009 which included only one golden day, the promotion month in Hanoi this year had 2 golden days on 13th and 14th of November. For two days, consumers were entitled to promotions with discounts from 20-50% for at least 20% of the items of business enterprises at 23 "Golden points" in the capital among which, the Golden Melinh PLAZA attracted visitors for going shopping.

Leaders of Plaza Melinh said that in addition to the discounts for all products, we also had many valued prizes awarded for customer, donated 500,000d coupons to purchase products such as televisions, sanitation sets, hand tools, etc. That was one of the reasons attracting many customers to Melinh PLAZA. In two days of 13 and 14/11, the sales increased about 300% compared to weekdays and nearly 70% compared with Golden day in 2009.