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Melinh PLAZA Golden Point: jubilantly shopping and auctions
Promotion month Hanoi 2010 is going on with large and powerful response of businesses. This is the 2nd year Hanoi organizes this event in order to stimulate consumer demand, raise GDP of the City. Melinh Plaza Trade Center is chosen as a golden selling point by Hanoi People's Committee and the Department of Trade and Industry.
On these days, the stores at Melinh PLAZA have enhanced the quantity. Beside traditional items as furniture, building materials, other stores such as household appliances, foods and so on are very rich and diverse. Since the beginning days, Melinh PLAZA has welcomed thousands of visitors each day.
Mô tả ảnh. Mô tả ảnh.
Image: Golden Point of Promotion Melinh PLAZA

Goods are discounted from 20-50%, each item is clearly stamped with old price, new prices for each level of promotion, such as: felt sofa has old cost of 16.536 million, promotional price of 10.536 million; Home Safe has old price of 5.267 million, promotional price of 2.7 million... Promotion programs are applied in many forms, including discounts, purchasing gifts or buy one – get one. Currently these items which are most interested at Melinh PLAZA largely cater to needs of Tet such as Sofa, bedroom furniture, sanitary equipments, household goods, electronic goods, tap luyestries.
A representative of Melinh Plaza Trade Center said: "To meet the shopping needs of customers we have prepared a large quantity of goods with more than 40,000 types of products with clear origins and guaranteed quality, using 100% active personnel. Especially on weekends, for a large number of visitors we have added staff of transportation and installation as well as enhanced security to ensure absolute safety for buyers.”
Auction programs

Unlike other golden shopping sites have only 2 golden days, Melinh Plaza spends eight days on Saturday s and Sundays with many valuable items reduced to 50% such as bedroom sets, dining table, sofa, etc. Auction programs of furniture has a starting price of only 100,000d.

During the auction of the first week on 6th and 7th November there were 10 customers winning 11 products, including the winning customers at prices much lower than the listed price. Mr. Duong Minh Duc at 64C, alley 51, Luong Khanh Thien - Hanoi won the corner Sofa at price of 17.000.000d (listed price was 31.167.000d), Mr. Hai from Au Co - Hanoi won LED Samsung Full HD32''-UA32C5000 at price of 13.000.000d (listed price was 15.590.000d), Mr. Tong Minh Duc at Group 2 ,Thach Ban, Long Bien - Hanoi won tea table set with 1,000,000d (listed price was 3.455. 500d).

On 2 golden shopping days of 13 & 14/11, Melinh Plaza will organize the auction program at 02 times of 11h00 and 16h00. Products of the auction include the mattress wooden sofa of 23,827,000 d, the bed - wardrobe – tap luy luy – dressing table of 19,900,000 d, Rowenta vacuum cleaners of 4,699,000 d, rubber wood dining table with six chairs of 11,845,000 d, sofa with tea table of 24,032,000 d, Toshiba refrigerators of 5,370,000 d or Australian dining set with 30 items of 1,394,000 d and many other products which will be auctioned starting at 100,000 VND/product.
With the spirit of always ready to meet the needs of customers, Melinh PLAZA promises to be a typical successful Golden Shopping point in Hanoi promotion month.