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Promotion Month Hanoi 2010: Raising consumption need, developing production
Promotion month Hanoi 2010 at Melinh PLAZA is welcomed by consumers. This promises will be the opportunity to buy cheapest goods of the year by the big, high quality organization and the enthusiastic response of over 350 participating businesses.

Being one of 15 Golden points of the Promotion month, Melinh PLAZA is trying its best to achieve the highest efficiency. Followings are some sharings of Vice General Director of Melinh PLAZA - Ms. Nguyen Quynh Mai:                                                               

1.     How is the preparation of your business in Hanoi promotion month?
-          As you may know,  Melinh PLAZA has become 1 among 15 Golden points in promotion month Hanoi 2010 - this is our pride. Determining its importance, the group's leaders ave met the member companies and related departments to make planning and preparation of goods resources, manpower and transportation to best serve customers.

2.     How is the preparatory work in terms of quantity, quality, discount programs, human resources to serve customers on Golden days, location and serving facilities, the area of payment, hotline to answer customers, etc?

-         In Promotion month Hanoi 2010, Melinh PLAZA not only apply 2 Golden days in accordance with the Department of Industry and Trade but we hold 8 Golden days (on Saturdays and Sundays) in the whole month. This promises to be an opportunity to buy cheapest goods of the year by the big and high quality organization to all customers. To do that, we must prepare:
    +  Quantity: a floor area of 70.000m2 for exhibition and sale of more than 40,000 products specialized in finishing construction materials, furniture, electronics, refrigeration, household appliances and other hand tools discounted from 20 to 50%.
    +  Quality: All products sold at Melinh Plaza Center have clear origins, true firms, correct sources. Besides, when participating in Promotion month Hanoi 2010, we have committed to the Department of Industry and Trade, if any businesses sell goods of inferior quality, depending on the seriousness of the violation, the market management forces will deal immediately with the sanctions, confiscation or prohibition of business. Besides, we have become one of the 15 Golden points after the Department of Trade has surveyed and selected.
    +  Promotions: We apply various forms including 50% discounts, gifts, buy one - get one. On 8 Golden days we organized auctions of furniture to equip the happy house with prices starting at only 100 thousand dong.
    +  Staffing: on eight golden days we will open 15 counters, using 100% of personnel and transport vehicles to serve the shopping needs of customers most quickly.
    +  We arrange free shuttle bus for customers and visitors shopping at the Melinh Plaza Trade Center at No 1, Buoi Road. Everyday there are 4 buses serve six turns and come back at 09: 30; 10: 30, 11: 30; 13:30; 14: 30, 15: 30, and vice versa.
    +    Hotline to answer customers' information: Customers can dial 1081 or the direct hotline 0984333111, 0988777666, 0905333111 or 04.38868668; 38869996 for inquiries about the contents related promotional programs in Promotion month Hanoi 2010 at Melinh PLAZA.

3.     How do enterprises response to Promotion month Hanoi 2010?

-          When Hanoi People's Committee sent an invitation to participate in Promotion month Hanoi 2010, the president had enthusiastic responses and considered this a prestigious and large commercial activity. Promotion month Hanoi 2010 attracted large consumers because of numerous opportunities to buy cheap goods. So the president has directed the member companies of the trade center to register and participate in.

-          As a enterprise operating in the capital, Melinh PLAZA has not missed such a practical program. Through Promotion month, we once again affirm that Melinh PLAZA is not only one of the leading distributors of complete building materials and equipments and interior decoration, household appliances, electronics, refrigeration and hand tools but we can also bring Golden opportunities, Golden promotions to the customers.

-          In preparation for the Promotion month,  Melinh PLAZA has mobilized total force of member companies to work with providers for available rich and diverse sources of goods; training and strengthening entire the staff of sales, transportation to best serve our customers even when the customers are forcasted to concentrate on 8 Golden days of the promotion month.
With the good preparation, along with extensive co-organization, propaganda of Hanoi Department of Industry and Trade, we believe that Melinh PLAZA and participating businesses will create a jubilantly shopping month to the people of the capital, contributing to stimulate consumption, price stabilization, to achieve economic development of Hanoi city to sustain economic growth, ensuring social security ... and to celebrate successful 1000th celebration of Thang Long – Hanoi.