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Vice Chairman of People’s Committee of Hanoi City to visit and inspect the implementation of the Promotion month Hanoi 2010 at Melinh PLAZA
On 03/11/2010 Mr. Nguyen Huy Tuong (Vice Chairman of People’s Committee of Hanoi) and some city leaders, leaders of the Department of Trade and Industry visited and inspected the implementation of Hanoi promotion month at Melinh PLAZA Trade Center.
Grasping the leadership of Hanoi People’s Committee as well as meeting the shopping needs of customers, this year Melinh PLAZA has made better preparation such as making plans of organizing,  storing the supplies, manpower and transportation. During the time of Promotion month, Melinh PLAZA advocated lowering interest to sell large quantity and ensured deliveries to customers within 24 hours. Therefore, since the early days, the number of visitors to Melinh PLAZA increased significantly.

A representative of Melinh Plaza Trade Center said: "Department of Industry and Trade held 2 golden days of promotion but we deliberately extended to 8 days to attract customers and create focal points. Accordingly, 8 days would include Saturdays and Sundays of November. In 8 Golden days there will have a lot of items which are discounted up to 50%. In particular, accounting for more discounts and deeper discounts are imported household appliances, sanitary wares, felt sofa, leather sofa, blankets, sheets, bedroom and living room furniture, etc." To ensure the quality of promotions, Melinh PLAZA publicly posted prices and promotional price, the warranty period and a clear origin.

In addition to discounts of up to 50%, the organization of auctions will create opportunities for customers to own many different items at much lower prices than actual listed prices.

On behalf of Hanoi People's Committee leaders, Mr.. Nguyen Huy Tuong appreciated the organization of Promotion month at Melinh PLAZA, while confirming City People's Committee will work closely with businesses to ensure benefits of customers in terms of origin, price, quality in order to create a vibrant shopping month and meet consumer’s demand at the end of the year.