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Home Spa with exclusive Teuco Bathtub

Right in your sweet home and only with a moderate area to install, you will have for yourself a steam or massage bathroom. After hours of working, you will have opportunities to freely enjoy and relax in a healthy environment with aromatic smell of herb and wood at the weekends.

In traditional medicine, steaming is a method to treat "Indisposition due to cold wind" effectively. Steaming helps relieving your body from miasma which penetrates and causes pain and ache in your body. Hot steam will make your blood flow more smoothly under the skin; steaming also helps heating your body and with the essence of leaves impacting on your respiratory system, you will feel more relaxed and at ease; sniffling is no more... Wet or dry steaming, each way has its different usefulness. Dry steaming increases the room temperature making you sweat more. On the other hand, wet steaming helps excrete your sweat and toxic substances through pores; also, steam increases the humidity of your skin, making it smoother and you will feel lighter.

With the philosophy of caring for a healthy body & relaxed mind, Teuco gains its pride as the leading interior brand in Italy, which can help you have enjoyable time right at your home with this high-exclusive bathtub.

Appearing in the market 30 years ago, Teuco has non-stop researched and innovated its technology and sought the best way to utilize the energy resource of the country and offering the maximum benefit to modern life. With highly sophisticated design technology, Teuco is able to produce the perfect bathtub for you. Not only satisfying the need of bathing, with Teuco's products, your bathing room space will become more luxurious and elegant.

Imported and distributed by MeLinh Plaza Hypermarket at the 1st floor, Melinh PLAZA trade Centre, Teuco high-exclusive spa bathtub is diversified in model and size for customers to choose. A convenient bathroom will need a really enjoyable bathtub with elegant design and preeminent features. Outstanding features of Teuco bathtub will surely satisfy your need to relax and massage. Sprinklers of Teuco are designed like a gentle wave into 16 types of water sprinklers, 12 aerial sprinklers and 6 multi roto sprinklers, surely will make you feel as if you were breathing the wind of ocean right in your sweet home. A relaxed feeling comes to you and you will recover with a new energy after a long-tiring working day.

If you wish to balance your life with an aromatic treatment method, flower essence tube in Teuco will surely offer you an attractive aroma. Besides, ozone maker unit will help rejuvenate and smoothen your skin and you will not have to be hesitant to enjoy your daily life in the bathtub. In addition, other features such as washer, hidden light, side window, stair, control board... will help you enjoy the convenience of life offered by Teuco.