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A tumultuous welcome to New Year 2012 together with Melinh PLAZA

“The taste of spring ecstatic heart, people gather to meet
Welcoming a happy new year”

As usual, whenever the spring and Tet holiday come, staff community and Board of Management of Melinh PLAZA have a chance to gather in the great festive occasion – Closing ceremony night 2011, to exchange, chat and reminisce about one bygone year with lots of new success and creativeness.

In the middle of the colorful and peach-colored view, apricot blossom’s gentle glamour and great melodies of staff community in the commercial center, Music Festival night greeting New Year 2012 of Melinh PLAZA happened successfully.

The great success of the Closing ceremony night showed that Melinh PLAZA’s staffs and Board of Management are not only productive workers but also have passionate interest in music. It has been thought that those people are just dedicated to work, but it has been found that they own delicacy, creativeness and artistic passion deep in their souls. During the festival, Melinh PLAZA’s staff community brought artistic colors with unique and new performance like: comedies, fashion, pop and folk songs, dancing, etc. Also in that night, Melinh PLAZA commended and gave awards to individuals who have outstanding achievements and contribution to the center’s general development.

Although the festival ended, beautiful songs, graceful dances and unrivalled talent performances still linger on all audiences’ mind. As one of the leading commercial centers of Vietnam, Melinh PLAZA always focuses on staff community’s physical and spiritual life. Through the public activities, the center has created united and close relationship among staffs so as to together to build up a more rapidly - growing commercial center. As members in the joint house Melinh PLAZA, each individual has the right to be proud because they have opportunities to work and contribute in a professional working environment with lots of preferential policies and potential job development.

Below are some image captures at Melinh PLAZA’s Music Festival: