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Quiet piano sound - Musician Nguyen Anh 9
Musician Nguyen Anh 9 is well known through the timeless songs such as "No", "Goodbye you, the sadness", "Memories", "Quiet piano sound", "Love comes in goodbye" ... . Those songs contain so many memories and harass feelings of youth and love. In order to recreate the musical road of Nguyen Anh 9, program “Musical road in November” with the theme of Quiet piano sound will come to the music loving audience on November 21th, 2010.

Musician Nguyen Anh 9 whose real name is Nguyen Dinh Anh was born in 1940 in Ninh Thuan. Sticking with piano, Nguyen Anh 9 participated in many programs of Radio Saigon, Radio Da Lat. By his musical talent, Nguyen Anh 9 honored to perform in Japan. Right after that tour, the song "No" was born within an hour with fresh and new lyrics. The song rapidly gained popularity and this musical debut played as motivation for Nguyen Anh 9 to follow the path of professional writing.

It can be said that the song "No" is the unexpected success and create a great transformation in the musical career of Nguyen Anh 9. Nguyen Anh 9 not only stopped at the role as a harmony, piano performance artist but the songs like: "Who take you home", "A last word to you", "Apart", "No 2", "Full-life alone"also enhanced the name of Nguyen Anh 9 at Sai Gon music market which is full of exciting.

In the compositions of Nguyen Anh 9, listeners perceive every emotional level. Flickering in the melodies is the deep sadness of a being betrayed woman, engaging in love with much dwelling on the loss, and broken apart. The soul of the artist as the guitar string, just one slightly "touch" could shake up many feelings of an unfinished first love. It was that "Burn of first love forever sweet" – the first love full of passion, but not perfect had inspired Nguyen Anh 9 in writing love songs with many echoes. Also because of incomplete first love with many emotions interlocked in every musical note had created attractive musical products just like the beautiful love story that touched the hearts of music lovers.

In addition to composing music, Nguyen Anh 9 was also invited to write the theme song for a number of films such as Irony love piece, widely as sad love and a film about Mekong children in France.

At recent time, Nguyen Anh 9 has not composed much, but in the melody and the lyrics there has been a strong shift, not only in the tunes there is a bit of sad, but in the composition there are also the philosophies about love, happiness with gentle rhythm. Behind the complaint, the words that seem like the refusing, the forgetting is the intense love to be reminded from the sweet memories. He said: "I do not see music as a career, I just think that it is my life. Away from it, I feel sick and hard-breathing ...". Maybe that is the reason why each song of Nguyen Anh 9 contains many desire, passion both gently and serenely.

The Musical Road introducing musicians Nguyen Anh 9 collaborated by the Entertainment Board of Vietnam Television and Eurowindow, Melinh PLAZA will come to audience at 20h00 pm on November 21th 2010 in the Millitary Theather of Ho Chi Minh City and will be televised live on VTV3. Program with the participation of the singers: Anh Tuyet, Hong Hanh, My Hanh, My Le, Duc Tuan, Buoner Trinh, Quynh Lan, Thuy Long, Bich Hien – Diu Hien - Huy Luan and Saigon dancers with songs like: Please be like white cloud, Quiet piano sound,One missing time, Goodbye you,sadness, Love song for a rainy afternoon, No, Desolate, Who take you home, Loneliness, Brown autumn, Flower Life, Love comes in goodbye, Saigon you and me... along with many other musical products.