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The music road in October : “Grass and rain” – The musician Giang Son
At 20.00 p.m on October 3rd 2010, the music road program No 10 by Arts board of Vietnam television station combining with Eurowindow and Melinh PLAZA will introduce Giang Son’s composing career. The program will take place with the presence of some artists: Meritorious artist Thanh Lam, Tan Minh, My Le, Thu Minh, Tung Duong, Khanh Linh, Ngoc Anh, Nguyen Thao, Ha Linh, Thuy Anh…

Giang Son- the musician was known as a member of “5 Lines” band (group includes: Giang Son, Lan Huong, Bao Lan, Thuy Linh, Hong Ngoc). With touring from the South to the North, Giang Son was known with series of songs composed and performed by herself. In 2004, “5 Lines” band won the award for “Best music band” of “VTV songs I love”. When“5 Lines” achieved some success in Sai Gon, Giang Son decided to leave the band (September 2005).Giang Son came back to Hanoi, taught in Theater & Film University and focused on composing career.

Giang son is one of the few female musicians to be able to combine modernity and folk in each song. With music songs which reflect the modern life blending in romance, Giang Son has revealed a new view of the innermost feelings in the point of female artist. Giang Son’s songs are put between the 2 elements of quality and aesthetic oriented music for the young. According to Giang Son, to become a musician,  the composers should equip themselves with a lot of things like knowledge of music and life, passion as well to convey in each word.

With the constant efforts in the composing process, Giang Son was honored to become the impressive musician of “Vietnamese songs” in 2005. With the tender gentle, subtle emotional tune, the album called “Giang Son” completed in 2007 including 9 tracks was appreciated by the experts and remained in many people’s hearts. The “noon dream” is one of her successful songs. “Little sunshine” is also an emotional song. And recently, “drifting in the mirror”- the song with rock harmony make difference in her composing career. So far, Giang Son has composed more than 100 songs, mainly pop-ballad songs.

The music road program in October introduces the songs of Giang Son such as: “Wave”, “You”, “Rain”, “not cold winter”, “little sunlight”, ‘thirsty”, “waiting night”, ‘ dry autumn”,”the hallmark”, grass and rain”,’the street at night’, … “noon dream”, “day habit” .The audience loving music will feel some interesting things from the language materials and the tune of young male musician – Giang Son.