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The road of the music in September - Musician Dang Huu Phuc
The September road of music program continues to meet the audience with the theme "Autumn Sketch" introducing musician Dang Huu Phuc who was known as the impression from the break in writing. He conceived: "When art becomes rigid, it loses the creativity to become production, production is not creativity, anybody can do it, just need to learn the tips about it. Producion is related to quantity, creativity is related to quality. "

Dang Huu Phuc was born in 1953, in Phu Tho. Following a path of professional art early, even in the age of 10 he studied at the National Academy of Music in Vietnam. He was trained for two majors: composing and performing piano. During a piano student, he has played many great works written for piano by the famous composer as P.Tchaikovsi, LVBeethoven, N.Rimsky-Korsakov. After a period of training at the National Conservatory in Paris - France, when he came back to Vietnam, he became the pianist of the Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra for over 20 years (1979 - 2002). Currently, he teaches at the Music Conservatory in Vietnam.

He participated in writing many different fields such as instrumental music, vocal music and music for film, theater ...
For the instrumental music, he was able to experience many different styles of writing, from Classical Music to Pioneers. One of his typical works was the first Prelude Piano voice Mi in his 18-year-old is still being used in the curriculum of the Academy of Music in Vietnam. His “Suite” (1973) and “Sonate Polyphonique” (1978) was performed by Dang Thai Son and won first prize in the piano competition 10th International Frederic Chopin.

His success in the instrumental music can not mention without Ouverture "festival",written for his orchestra, which have been performed many times at the Hanoi Opera House and has toured in Europe successfully beyond expectations. "The festival is an excellent work, musician has transformed and regenerated materials of Vietnamese traditional music under the view of contemporary symphonic language with a sense of rhythm and colors" French conductor, Xavier Rist (who has won seven prizes Orchestra at the National Conservatory in Paris-France) said. Recent work on his instrumental is the suite for piano solo "Vietnam Inflorescence "and the" Pizzicato Vietnam "for string orchestra, inspired by the folk songs and traditional music, which was performed by the Vietnam Symphony Orchestra in 2009.

For vocal music, Dang Huu Phuc composed from popular songs to large form such as chorus and orchestra. Symphony - big choruses "Country" (Poetry Nguyen Dinh Thi) was written in 1973, when the author is not 20 years old. Next, he composed the "Three paintings" for Soprano voice and 2 pianos. The work is performed for the first time in the Vietnam Academy of Music by Ai Van soprano, Dang Thai Son piano 1, author piano 2.

He is the one of the few artists concentrating on writing and not being interested in promoting their work. But the extraordinary composing (more than 60 items of Romances and Songs for voice with Piano) has really touched the hearts of music lovers. Among them there are 14 songs achieved the annual award of the Vietnam Musicians' Association (as "plateau lull", "water hyacinth", "The wind of spring" ...)

One important field of writing in his composing career is composing music for hundreds of films and many stage plays drama, dance, puppetry, circus ... Musical film in such films as: "narrow", "The woman against sand "," retired general "," The river of white flowers "," Night in Ben Tre "... brought Dang Huu Phuc became the first musician of Vietnam won Best Soundtrack at a international film festival. The international judges commented on his film music: "The beautiful music features such as the sketch of the artist of painting, music impressed and touched our hearts. Thanks to music, the fate of the main characters has become more pronounced. "

At 19.45 pm on September 5th 2010, the road of music program "Autumn Sketch" introducing the works of Musician Dang Huu Phuc organized by the Art board of Vietnam Television combination with Eurowindow and Melinh PLAZA will come to the audience on-air television VTV3, Vietnam Television. Program has the participation of artists: Tan Minh, Trong Tan, Nguyen Ngoc Anh Minh Manh Dung and choir, orchestra of the Vietnamese Ballet Theatre Symphony.

Music night is concluded in two parts: instrumental music and vocal music. Instrumental music will introduce the audience to the music composed by Dang Huu Phuc and performed by himself piano solo: "prelude"; "The suite," Orchestra Ballet Theatre VN performs "Pizzicato Vietnam. ". The vocal section includes extracts from the" Selection of 60 romance and songs with piano "by the singers: Trong Tan, Ngoc Anh Minh, Tan Minh, Manh Dung with piano accompaniment. 6 songs composed in  A-cappella style performed by Choir Ballet Theatre VN. The program ends with the Choral Symphony, "Country", poetry Nguyen Dinh Thi performed by Philharmonic Orchestra Vietnam initiated Ballet Theatre.